Personalised Christmas Elf Starter Set

This set has everything you need to get started with the My Little Elf Tradition.  Personalised with your child or children’s first names adding to the authenticity of this fun experience.  Suitable for up to five children in the one house.

This set contains:

  •  25cm (sitting) original elf toy
  • Introductory scene setting letter from Santa, personalised with your child or children’s first names
  • Elf passport
  • Behaviour charts, one per child, personalised with each child’s first name
  • Elf report card
  • Chocolate coins
  • Instructions and elf antics ideas
  • Reusable carton with personalised label

UPGRADE: This lovely set is delivered in a reusable carton with a personalised delivery label as standard. If you’d like something a bit fancier, then consider upgrading to our Elf Box Bed. This full-colour elf delivery box reverses to form an elf bed with seasonal design for your children to colour in – a grand elf entrance, fun activity and elf-size bed in one!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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  1. Rachel PAtchett

    Excellent quality and service. Great pack that comes with him full of great ideas for mischief

  2. Paula Quinn

    Our Elfie is great. The elf is beautifully made and arrives beautifully packaged. The children love him. I’ve just ordered Missy Elf for this year. Double trouble.

  3. clairekentck

    Received this a couple of days ago and haven’t fully looked through the box (as that’s for the kids to do!) but looks really nice and very ‘authentic’. I’m certain my girls will absolutely love it!

  4. Ben

    My little boy is a bit too young for this yet but we plan on making this a christmas tradition and can’t wait for him to appear at our door on 1st dec. The added extras, such as the passport and letter from FC make it even more magical. Everything looks really professional, I love it!

  5. SM

    My elf arrived very quickly and is beautifully wrapped. He is really good quality as are all the bits and bobs he comes with. It all looks very believable for my little boys and I can’t wait for our elf to ‘re-arrive’ on 1st December when I introduce him to my two boys. Fantastic product (seems wrong to call it a product – I almost believed the story myself when the elf arrived!!)

  6. Claire

    My daughter (aged 6) loved her Elf so much that she spent Christmas Eve crying that he would have to go back to Father Christmas until I suggested that she leave FC a note requesting to keep him. FC was very obliging and the Elf is my daughters favourite soft toy. We went on holiday in June and my daughter left the Elf behind and the holiday company couldn’t find it. I got in touch with ‘My Little Elf’ and I managed to get a replacement that I placed in my daughter’s bed for her to find. The company are lovely to deal with. ‘Missy Elf’ is going to be arriving this year!

  7. Amber

    It’s our first year doing elf on the shelf this Elf is beautiful so well made and comes with lots of good things love the page of hints and tips, will have many years of fun with this elf maybe even order missy soon too!!

  8. Angela McClymont

    My little girl is only 4 months old n I can’t wait for our Missy elf to come and join our household, planning to do a Christmas scrap book with photos and lots of other things that will involve our little Missy elf each Christmas girl to loom back on

  9. Sarah

    I am so excited for the 1st December! Our Little “Tippy Toes” Elf is all ready and raring to go! He is a beautiful and high quality Elf and the things he brings along with him make it extra special- particularly the coins.
    Ive recommended him to all I know and I look forward to all future Advents with my young daughters.

  10. Cheryl Thompson

    My elf arrived very quickly when I ordered back in October and was beautifully packaged. My 4 year old son absolutely loves him and the funny antics he gets up to. Will definitely be purchasing a refill pack for next year.

  11. Hayley Winchurch

    Amazing! My 4 year old has been mesmorised by Pixi our visiting elf. I have had such good fun setting up the elf antics every night. A wonderful family tradition that we will carry on year after year. I want to order a missy elf to join Pixi next year. Thank you so much for such good quality service and item.
    I will be ordering again ready for next year.
    (How do I share some photographs of his antics with you for your website?)

  12. Nicola

    Absolutely fantastic product making christmas even more magical. I can not wait to introduce the elf to our children and get up to mischief!

  13. Sharon

    Arrived super quick, beautifully packaged, amazing elf kit, absolutely love it

  14. tasha.22.1990

    Just received our Little Elf.Promt delivery and now cannot wait until the 1st of December for the fun to start.My little boy is going to love him!!!.Thank you so much xx

  15. Alison aka Nanny

    Our Elf arrived really quickly and we are over the moon at the high quality and beautiful presentation. Personalised stationery is delightful. Can’t wait to post our Elf to the Grandchildren ready for 1December countdown. Thank you!

  16. Rachel Parker

    I love the quality of the elf. I can’t wait for 1st Dec and to introduce him to my twin daughters . I have lots of things planned for the elf to do. Lots of memories to make 🙂

  17. chantal greenhouse

    The set is lovely and having his name gives it a nice touch and looking forward to using it in dec

  18. Becky Jackson

    Ordered my first elf and received super quick. What an excellent and lovely elf! I don’t know who will enjoy it more… me or my kids. Excellent quality item and lovely things with him. Very genuine and great customer service. I am so glad I found my little elf!

  19. Vicki

    Just received my elf this morning and I’m over the moon with it, quality is s superb and personalised letter from Santa is fab, can’t wait till kids see him on 1st Dec, I’m sure they’ll be as excited as I am.

  20. Joanne

    I Ordered on Sunday and my elf arrived today Tuesday. Such good service and he looks great !! I can’t wait until December 1st to let the fun begin!
    Thanks again

  21. Kelly

    Ordered my elf a couple of days ago and received it today. Really impressed with it and I think its great that it keeps the magic of Christmas alive. Can’t wait for the 1st December to show my little boy he’s going to love it. Slight misunderstanding on my side about the bed but Janet was great. This will be a tradition I do every year and next year will purchase missy elf to join in. Would definitely recommend.

  22. chantal greenhouse

    The set Is lovely look forward to using it in Dec and loving it having his name on great touch

  23. Nichola

    Wow I ordered late Saturday night and our little elf came today (Tuesday) fantastic service. It looks amazing I’m so excited to start this tradition with our 3 year old. I’m sure we will have lots of fun with him. Roll on the 1st everyone. 🙂

  24. Kerry Caddy

    I have just received our first ever little Elf and he is amazing! The packaging and personalised extras are finished to a high standard and Little Elf is just adorable and of a good size. My daughter is going to love him. I don’t think she is going to want to return him on Christmas Eve, so i think Missy Elf will be visiting us next year! I cant wait for the 1st December to arrive!

  25. J Holliday

    OH MY GOODNESS…..I am seriously so EXCITED! My Elf & Missy Elf arrived & I can not stop looking at everything in the box! My 2 littlies are going to be extremely excited on the 1st December when the Elves arrive. Both Elfs are beautiful and we’ll made (I will be sad to send them back on christmas eve) The letter is beautiful, only downside is that I got the Elf starter set personalised & didn’t think when ordering Missy Elf that her letter wasn’t (my only complaint, Missy needs to have had the option of being personalised) The passports & report cards are fantastic & I can not wait to start using them with the children (although we are going to have good Elves & only cheeky once a wk) I ordered an extra journal as Missy has one so both littlies have them, I read through it & they are so cute (I’m wondering if I should have ordered 1 for myself) The chocolate gold coins are a fantastic idea too. I am literally so excited & I am recommending these to all my friends with the highest praise!!! Next year I am definitely ordering Mrs Clause Husky to join in the fun. Thank you so much Mylittleelf xxx

    Hi there, thank you very much for leaving this lovely review. When both sets are ordered together, we normally include two personalised labels – I will find your order and post you an extra one. Kind regards, Janet

  26. Ruth

    Just ordered a Little Elf for my nephews and despite only ordering on Thur evening it arrived this am (Sat) – such incredible service. We have had Missy Elf for the last two Christmas’ and I am really excited to be spreading the tradition. Janet answered all my questions quickly and even adapted things slightly as I was being awkward. Incredible quality (so soft, so cute) and outstanding customer service – I cannot recommend My Little Elf enough. Thank you for adding an extra magic touch to our families Christmas’.

  27. Anne marie Gold

    Great service and lovely product. So happy quite my elf 🙂

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