Elf Return Set – Kindness Quest

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This ‘Elf Return Set – Kindness Quest’ is perfect for families who have already enjoyed the Elf Tradition Refill Set and are looking for something new.

It contains:

• Return Letter setting the scene for the Kindness Quest
• 2 x Kindometer Charts and Stickers (so suitable for two children – extras can be added below)
• Mission Sticker Badges (bigger ones for kids and littler ones for elves)
• Instructions and Kindness Ideas
• New Passport Stamps to add to your Elf Passport
• Folder to keep everything safe

Make your Elf Return extra special by adding a replacement elf door sticker or elf suitcase (to fill with a treat of your choice).



Little Elf is back for more adventures but this time he brings news of a problem in Lapland and help is needed.
Santa’s sleigh is powered by a very important and special fuel called ‘kindness’ and Santa’s in desperate need of more fuel to get the sleigh flying high.

Children can join Little Elf on this Kindness Quest, be on the look out for elf kindness, qualify for their own mission badges and add stickers to fill their kindometer chart with all the caring and helpful things they do too. Kindness makes us feel warm and strong, happy and valuable – it’s a win/ win for everyone, so let’s get the sleigh in the sky!


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