Elf Letters for Advent

PDF download. Purchase now and print later, anytime before December. No printer? No problem; see our printed version here.

24 elf letters to enjoy every day in the lead up to Christmas.  Hear from Totesey, Little Elf’s friend in Lapland as he reports on all that is happening in the Elf Workshop and Christmas Village, home of Mr & Mrs Claus.

Children will delight in the daily news presented as a series of colourfully illustrated little letters telling stories of the breakdown of the toy conveyor belt, wheelbarrow antics, mischief resulting in a trip to Lapland General Hospital, the sweet factory competition and lifetime jellybean supply, elves make a mess, elves do teamwork and elf plays detective.

Leave them by your elf door, pop into a fill-your-own advent calendar, sneak into the day’s mail or hide around the house. Children will love discovering the letters wherever they are. Read when found or snuggle up with your elf and read them as a bedtime story.

These festive letters can be enjoyed alongside or following our starter and refill sets – whether this is your first or fifth year with Little Elf.

Generally suitable for use with all brands of elves.


  1. Amanda Round

    Absolutely love this set, I opted for the Download and print at home. They are fantastic can’t wait to see my Autistic 12 years old face when he opens his first one on 1st Dec. Plus it will be in his Elf Fredrick’s new post box already for him to open.

  2. Amanda Round

    Absolutely love this set, I opted for the buy and Download option. Easy peasy, in my inbox in minutes and all printed off. Can’t wait for my Autistic 12 year old to open his first one on 1st Dec, plus Fredrick’s return too and he’s bringing a post box for all Nathan’s new Christmas post.

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