Christmas Elf Starter Set

This set has everything you need to get started with the My Little Elf Tradition.

This set contains:

  •  25cm (sitting) original elf toy
  • Introductory scene setting letter from Santa
  • Elf passport
  • 2 x behaviour charts
  • Elf report card
  • Chocolate coins
  • Instructions and elf antics ideas
  • Arrival box with ‘Sent by Santa’ box label

If you have more than two children, and therefore require more than two behaviour charts, or if you would like a set personalised with your child or children’s first names, then please see our alternative product, the Personalised Christmas Elf Starter Set.

UPGRADE: This lovely set is delivered in a reusable carton with a Sent by Santa delivery label as standard. If you’d like something a bit fancier, then consider upgrading to our Elf Box Bed. This full-colour elf delivery box reverses to form an elf bed with seasonal design for your children to colour in – a grand elf entrance, fun activity and elf-size bed in one!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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  1. Tara

    Received our Elf this morning, lovely well made Elf and gorgeous accessories to go with him, really cant wait until the 1st of December for him to be “delivered” by santa! Thank you very much 🙂 xx

  2. Emma Edson

    Excellent quality packaged beautifully and can’t wait for the fun to start at Christmas.

  3. Marie

    I am so pleased with My Little Elf. He arrived very quickly, is packaged very well and the presentation is fab! I can’t wait to get him out on the 1st Dec. My children are going to love him. Thank you very much x 🙂 x

  4. Rachel Patchett

    We bought an elf last year and he was such a hit with all of us, not just the kids, that we bought missy elf this year. The quality is fantastic, the idea is amazing (certainly the start of a Christmas tradition in our house!) and makes the most of all of December not just Christmas Eve and day. The refill pack contains more than last year and the journal that comes with missy is worth buying on its own. The service we have received is excellent and even the packaging is done with thought and care. Overall I cannot recommend my little elf enough

  5. Louis Henderson

    Fantastic friendly service with super quick delivery !! I am Sooooo excited for elf madness I’m our house !!! I was so impressed with the who elf package, I’ve ordered one for my niece’s 1st Christmas !! Would highly recommend to my family and friends… I have done already !! X

  6. Laura

    Brilliant idea, excellent quality products and service. Will highly recommend. Excited for 1st Dec!! Thank you x

  7. colleen brydon

    Excellent I absolutely love this, package arrived very quickly and I was very impressed with everything kids will love it I cannot wait for Dec 1st to start the elf antics 😉 think I may enjoy this more than the kiddies lol xx

  8. Annie Duffy

    Ordered it back in January and it arrived in perfect condition. The label and the certificates came with both boys names on. Really looking forward to seeing their faces this Xmas! (Moderator Remark: Please kindly note that this customer ordered the personalised version thus the reason names were included.)

  9. Dawn

    Omg I received my elf today he is AMAZING !!! I don’t know how I am going to contain my excitement till Christmas xx

  10. Lisa

    I actually went “awwwwww” when I opened the box, he is so cute! Cannot wait for 1st December to get started, great idea for a new tradition, my kids will love it! xx

  11. Victoria Stephenson

    Elftastic, so excited for December 1st then the mischief can begin! Gorgeous elf, Excellent kit and super service! Thank you 😉

  12. Amy Thomas

    Just received my little elf, he is amazing. He is put together very well in his well presented box full of fab bits and pieces. I bought him his little onsie to chill the night away although I think there will be some micheif happening in the Thomas residence this year 🙂 can’t wait for Christmas time now. Your website is amazing, thank you so much x

  13. Michelle

    Year two for elf elf and jimmy jingles to make an appearance after a great first visit, the children are already discussing whether the boys will be back this year! And they will, complete with onesies and elf doors, and new passport stamps, and Christmassy activities for every day in Dec….think the adults have as much fun as the children! Great quality and fantastic service.

  14. Lynn Scott

    Our elf arrived last Christmas and the whole family were amazed by the quality of him! I allowed my then 3 year old to name him so he is called Roof! I have no idea why.

    Roof was very mischievous last year and the helpful hints for parents is fab!

    This is one of the smartest, cutest Christmas ideas I’ve come across. My 4 year old is already asking when Roof will arrive and I’ve just ordered my refill pack! Can’t wait for his own wee door! Thank you so much guys


  15. Amie

    Our Girl Elf arrived this morning and love it! Amazing packaging. Roll on December 1st. Thank you 🙂 x

  16. cowsplat

    Missy Elf arrived today. Super pleased with her. Can’t wait to put her out with “Elfy” my daughter is going to so happy and no more arguing who sleeps with “Elfy” Thankyou so much. And the onesies are gorgeous xx

  17. Rob Maltman

    Received our little elf and missy elf today. Absolutely gorgeous and elves and accessories are of great quality! Can’t wait for 1st December when we can start our own ‘Elf Tradition’.

  18. Louise Hunter

    Absolutely fantastic, top quality plush soft elf , the quality on all products is 100%+ we love him at our house & decided to add a friend for next year too

  19. louise winkworth

    Amazing reaction from my little ones tonight. The elf was delivered while we were all upstairs doing bath time. My Son questioned why this Elf had been sent this year (our first elf!) so i said its because Santa must have seen him being naughty so hes sent the Elf to keep an extra close eye! My daughter straight away wanted him in his sleeping bag stocking (handmade by nanny!) which had arrived with the Elf. He is now tucked up in his bed under the Christmas tree! Hopefully not too many antics on his first night here but i have a feeling this Christmas will be extremely fun thanks to our Little ‘Buddy’ Elf. 🙂

  20. Sarah

    We had our first christmas with Elf and our 3 year old daughter absolutely fell in love with him. She could not wait to see what he had been up to in the night and as parents we loved setting it up and seeing her delight! We have since preordered Miss Elf as our youngest daughter will be nearly 2 and so can join in with double trouble! Almost wishing the year away to start the fun again!

  21. Rachel Warburton

    I couldn’t be happier with our Little Elf and can’t wait until Dec 1st to introduce him to our little girl and help him get up to all sorts of mischief at night! Great quality items, beautifully packaged and the elf is gorgeous. I’m going to see if my daughters teacher would like one for her class at school and I’m sure we will order Missy next year. Thanks so much.

  22. Andrea

    Arrived within a few days of ordering. Elf is gorgeous bigger than expected and lovely quality my little girl is going to love him. So looking forward to Dec 1st for them to meet each other. All the little extras included in set are great too.

  23. Wai Ling Cheng

    Didn’t want to miss out so ordered early. Prompt delivery and extremely please with the Elf starter kit. Beautifully presented, cant wait for 1st Dec so the Elf can meet my children and for the fun to begin. Will be looking to get Missy Elf next year so each child can have their own elf. Would highly recommend this product.

  24. Natasha

    absolutely fantastic, so adorable, and great value, can’t wait till December 1st

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