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    Elf Box Bed Set

    Your elf can arrive in style! If your elf is visiting for his third year, this set is a good choice. Now part of the family, this set will see your elf makes a grand entrance, as well as containing the charts and report card with which you will be familiar. What’s more, the set is non-prescriptive giving you the freedom to shape your elf’s visit how you please.

    This set includes:

    • a luxury arrival box for your elf (easy assembly)
    • (that transforms to) a bed for your elf
    • colouring activity to decorate your elf bed
    • two good behaviour charts
    • one elf report card
    • set of 12 BIC branded felt pens
    • folder to keep everything safe
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    Outlet Starter Set with Elf Box Bed

    *SLIGHT SECONDS* Slight ‘seconds’ with a minor stitching imperfection, but still of good quality and fully functional with all the fun. Returns are accepted, but we expect you to be delighted with your bargain.

    These sets are not personalised and come with general wording to suit everyone.

    This set has everything you need to get started with the My Little Elf Tradition.

    This set contains:

    • 25cm (sitting) original elf toy
    • Introductory scene setting letter from Santa
    • Elf passport
    • 2 x behaviour charts (so suitable for up to two children)
    • Elf report card
    • Chocolate coins
    • Instructions and elf antics ideas
    • Glossy red Elf Arrival Box that reverses into an Elf Bed to colour