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  • Elf Toy UK for elf on the shelf

    Christmas Elf Starter Set

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: £23.49

    This set has everything you need to get started with the magical My Little Elf Tradition.

    This set contains:

    •  25cm (sitting) original elf toy
    • Introductory scene setting letter from Santa
    • Elf passport
    • 2 x behaviour charts
    • Elf report card
    • Chocolate coins
    • Instructions and elf antics ideas
    • Arrival box with ‘Sent by Santa’ box label

    If you have more than two children, and therefore require more than two behaviour charts, or if you would like a set personalised with your child or children’s first names, then please see our alternative product, the Personalised Christmas Elf Starter Set.

    2017 UPGRADE: This lovely set is delivered in a reusable carton with a Sent by Santa delivery label as standard. If you’d like something a bit fancier, then consider upgrading to our Elf Box Bed. This full-colour elf delivery box reverses to form an elf bed with seasonal design for your children to colour in – a grand elf entrance, fun activity and elf-size bed in one!

  • Refill set for returning elves

    Elf Tradition Refill Set

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    This set is for families who started the tradition last year.  It contains:

    1 x ‘return’ introductory letter
    2 x behaviour charts
    1 x elf report card
    1 x elf door
    1 x 24 advent activity cards

  • Elf Mischief and Elf Antics Press-out Props

    Elf Antics Prop Pack

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    If you are a busy parent, our prop pack is really useful and good value too.  No more wondering ‘what elf mischief can I create tonight?’. Containing 25 ready to go scenarios, you can easily create elf antics with our press-out and assemble props.  Scenarios include:

    • The Artist – Style Little Elf painting his ‘sELF portrait’ with this easel, paints, brush, moustache and neck tie.
    • Pizza Time – Fold up this realistic pizza box and choose a pizza for Little Elf to enjoy. Don’t forget to put on his bib!
    • Elf Medic – Let Little Elf come to the rescue of another toy in his medic uniform. Why not fill the first aid box with some plasters to add to the authenticity?
    • Construction Site – with hi-vis vest and building scene press-outs.
    • Camping Tent – with stove and campfire
    • Super Elf – Style Little Elf in his cape, eye mask, belt and shield to create your very own super hero. He could be found assisting another toy.
    • Elf Pageant – Use the crown, sash, flowers and banner to create a pageant with the other toys. Who will you choose as the winner?
    • Doughnut Seller – Make up the basket and style the scene with real mini doughnuts.
    • Pin the Nose on Rudolph – place the blindfold on Little Elf then let everyone else have a go.

    See below for the full list.  Whether this is your first, second or subsequent year having Little Elf to stay, you’ll find plenty to suit in this great set.

  • Sale! Elf clothes

    Elf Onesie

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £5.99 £2.99

    OUTLET STOCK.  May have a minor stitching or fabric flaw, but still good quality with all the fun.

    The elf onesie is a unisex sleepsuit outfit that fits both the original My Little Elf AND Missy Elf.  Every elf likes to have a bit of a change and the onesie is perfect for night time or lounge wear!

    Missy Elf’s dress is removeable.

    Features velco fastenings perfect for little hands!

  • Elf Return Set – Kindness Quest


    This ‘Elf Return Set – Kindness Quest’ is perfect for families who have already enjoyed the Elf Tradition Refill Set and are looking for something new.

    It contains:

    • Return Letter setting the scene for the Kindness Quest
    • 2 x Kindometer Charts and Stickers (so suitable for two children – extras can be added below)
    • Mission Badges (bigger ones for kids and littler ones for elves)
    • Instructions and Kindness Ideas
    • New Passport Stamps to add to your Elf Passport
    • Folder to keep everything safe

    Make your Elf Return extra special by adding a replacement elf door sticker or elf suitcase (to fill with a treat of your choice).