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  • 24 elf letters to print at home

    Elf Letters for Advent

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    New for 2018. PDF download. Purchase now and print later, anytime before December. No printer? No problem; see our printed version here.

    24 elf letters to enjoy every day in the lead up to Christmas.  Hear from Totesey, Little Elf’s friend in Lapland as he reports on all that is happening in the Elf Workshop and Christmas Village, home of Mr & Mrs Claus.

    Children will delight in the daily news presented as a series of colourfully illustrated little letters telling stories of the breakdown of the toy conveyor belt, wheelbarrow antics, mischief resulting in a trip to Lapland General Hospital, the sweet factory competition and lifetime jellybean supply, elves make a mess, elves do teamwork and elf plays detective.

    Leave them by your elf door, pop into a fill-your-own advent calendar, sneak into the day’s mail or hide around the house. Children will love discovering the letters wherever they are. Read when found or snuggle up with your elf and read them as a bedtime story.

    These festive letters can be enjoyed alongside or following our starter and refill sets – whether this is your first or fifth year with Little Elf.

    Generally suitable for use with all brands of elves.

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  • Girl Elf Toy UK with Christmas Journal

    Missy Elf Set with Journal

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: £14.99

    Record a snapshot of your family life in the month of December, with pages for handprints, family tree and family autographs – not to mention space for recording days out, school and nursery events,  wish lists and your top fives of all things festive.

    This set contains:

    1 x 25cm (sitting) girl elf toy
    1 x Christmas memory journal
    1 x Missy Elf passport
    1 x introductory letter from Santa
    1 x set of six chocolate coins

    Create your keepsake together – there will never be another Christmas exactly like this one…

    Missy Elf usually arrives in your home at the beginning of December. She brings a letter from Santa explaining that she has come to help the children record the fun they have in the most exciting month of the year. In the future, should anyone ever need some Christmas spirit or just some smiles, they can then simply open the journal to rediscover the magic of Christmas.

    Missy Elf also brings her passport explaining her credentials for such a task as well as six chocolate coins – the way that all Little Elves pay for their board!

    This set is a lovely add-on to your My Little Elf Starter Pack (Missy Elf is happy to join in with any elf mischief) but is also suitable as a stand-alone purchase; you don’t need the starter set.

    If you have the original My Little Elf to stay with you at the same time, there are even diary pages to record any elf antics or mischief – if not, you can simply use the diary pages for your day to day December happenings.

    UPGRADE: This lovely set is delivered in a reusable carton with a ‘Sent by Santa’ delivery label as standard. If you’d like something a bit fancier, then consider upgrading to our Elf Box Bed. This full-colour elf delivery box reverses to form an elf bed with seasonal design for your children to colour in – a grand elf entrance, fun activity and elf-size bed in one!

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  • An elf arrival box that turns into an elf bed

    Elf Box Bed


    Your elf can make a great entrance with our Elf Box Bed. Simply fold up your box and place your Little Elf plus any accessories inside and you are ready to go. Once opened, flatten out the box and colour in the bold seasonal pattern to customise your own elf bed. A few more folds and your elf bed is complete!

    This product can be purchased stand alone, or if you are purchasing one of the main elf sets, look out for the option to upgrade to an Elf Box Bed at a discounted price.

    Elf shown in photo for illustrative purposes only – not included with the stand alone Elf Box Bed.

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  • Arrival Box and Elf Bed for Christmas Elf

    Elf Box Bed Set


    Your elf can arrive in style! If your elf is visiting for his third year, this set is a good choice. Now part of the family, this set will see your elf makes a grand entrance, as well as containing the charts and report card with which you will be familiar. What’s more, the set is non-prescriptive giving you the freedom to shape your elf’s visit how you please.

    This set includes:

    • a luxury arrival box for your elf (easy assembly)
    • (that transforms to) a bed for your elf
    • colouring activity to decorate your elf bed
    • two good behaviour charts
    • one elf report card
    • set of 12 BIC branded felt pens
    • folder to keep everything safe
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  • Elf Return Set – Kindness Quest


    Order by noon for despatch same working day by first class post.

    This ‘Elf Return Set – Kindness Quest’ is perfect for families who have already enjoyed the Elf Tradition Refill Set and are looking for something new.

    It contains:

    • Return Letter setting the scene for the Kindness Quest
    • 2 x Kindometer Charts and Stickers (so suitable for two children – extras can be added below)
    • Mission Sticker Badges (bigger ones for kids and littler ones for elves)
    • Instructions and Kindness Ideas
    • New Passport Stamps to add to your Elf Passport
    • Folder to keep everything safe

    Make your Elf Return extra special by adding a replacement elf door sticker or elf suitcase (to fill with a treat of your choice).

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