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Christmas Elf Tradition

Start making memories with the Christmas Elf Tradition in the UK for 2018. The story goes like this...

Elf Arrives

Elf ‘Arrives’ in Dec

Your elf arrives in December with his passport, behaviour records and a letter from Santa. The letter explains that the elf has come to make sure that the children of the house are behaving and therefore deserving of presents from Santa.
Elf is watching

Elf is watching

Children colour stars on their Good Behaviour Chart – the better their behaviour, the bigger the star. However, to make this all part of the fun, Little Elf sometimes is a little naughty and the children have to report on this too.

Elf Antics & Mischief

At night, Mum arranges ‘elf antics’. There are plenty of ideas for elf antics included – hanging underwear on the Christmas tree, unravelling the toilet paper, turning the milk green, drinking Daddy’s beer etc.

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Cheery service guaranteed - after all, it's Christmas!

I’m Janet, mum to two lovely girls, Jennifer and Caroline, who have had lots of fun with the elf tradition for many years.  When I’m not supervising all the mischievous elves, I keep myself busy picking up endless piles of clothes and toys, preparing meals, playing taxi driver, hiding the ipad (shhh!) and generally trying to keep smiling!

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It’s our last month of the season here in the workshop and we’re working hard to keep despatches on track. Orders placed by 11pm are despatching the next day by Royal Mail first class post. We’ve already sold out of some of the favourites and we’ve a few other lines down to the last box. Read More

Have you seen the My Little Elf Animation that’s been made to explain what our advent tradition is all about! You can view it on youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShfT0fLJ2NQ

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I actually went “awwwwww” when I opened the box, he is so cute! Cannot wait for 1st December to get started, great idea for a new tradition, my kids will love it! xx

Purchased the Christmas Elf Starter Set,

Our Elfie is great. The elf is beautifully made and arrives beautifully packaged. The children love him. I’ve just ordered Missy Elf for this year. Double trouble.

Purchased the Personalised Elf Starter Set,

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